About The Kingsville Fire Department

Public Education Services

The Kingsville Fire Department enjoys going out into our community and educating our citizens on fire safety. Most of the fire deaths in Ontario occur when the fire department’s response time has been under 5 minutes. This is why it is so important that you know how to prevent fires and know what to do in case one happens.

Statistically speaking, it may be too late by the time the fire department arrives. The Kingsville Fire Department battles these statistics by providing the following programs to our citizens:

  1. Fire Prevention Week
  2. Fire Safety Trailer
  3. Portable Extinguisher Training
  4. TAPP-C
  5. Older & Wiser
  6. Fire Safety Training For Employees of Care and Treatment Occupancies
  7. Station Tours
  8. Other

Fire Prevention Week

Every year the Kingsville Fire Department visits all of our elementary schools during Fire Prevention Week and talks to the grade 1 and 2 classes on fire safety. We use our hazard house to help the students visualize the fire hazards found in many of our homes. At the end of the presentation, Sparky the Fire Dog comes into the classroom and leads the children outside for a fire truck tour.

Fire Safety Trailer

The Kingsville Fire Department operates a fire safety trailer. The trailer is used to educate children on home fire safety including fire prevention and how to escape safely from a burning building. The fire safety trailer can be brought to any location within the Town of Kingsville.

Portable Extinguisher Training

The Kingsville Fire Department provides portable extinguisher training for local businesses on a request basis.


The Kingsville Fire Department provides its citizens with TAPP-C (The Arson Prevention Program for Children). TAPP-C is a program that brings together fire service and counseling professionals to help families deal effectively with children and teens involved in fire-play. These fire service professionals educate children and their families about fire and how to develop good fire safety practices. Counseling professionals assess the risk of continued fire involvement and help children and their families deal with problems that may contribute to the firesetting. TAPP-C is free-of-charge and is available to children from 2 to 17 years of age.

Older & Wiser

Statistics show that adults over age 65 are at the highest risk of being killed or injured in a fire. To educate seniors on dangerous risk behaviours, the Kingsville Fire Department uses the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council’s program called “Older and Wiser”. We visit seniors groups on a request basis.

Fire Safety Training For Employees of Care and Treatment Occupancies

The Office of the Fire Marshal, in co-operation with representative stakeholders and the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council, has developed this program in response to the recommendations from the Coroner’s Inquest into the 8 deaths resulting from a fire that occurred in a Mississauga residential care facility. The Coroner’s Jury recommended that a standard fire safety training program and guideline be developed for all staff who work in residential care facilities. The Kingsville Fire Department provides this training to local residential care facilities on a request basis.

Station Tours

The Kingsville Fire Department receives many requests for station tours from various organizations (i.e. school groups, church groups, etc). We thoroughly enjoy showing the stations, trucks and equipment to our citizens. We always include a public education component to our tours. We strongly believe that no person should leave our premises without having gained some fire safety knowledge! The Kingsville Fire Department conducts station tours on a request basis.


The Kingsville Fire Department receives many requests for various presentations (i.e. kitchen safety, home escape planning, fire prevention, etc) from many different organizations (i.e. Scouts Canada, Girl Guides of Canada, Kingsville Youth Association, etc). If we do not have the type of presentation that you are looking for, we will custom tailor a presentation based upon the learning outcomes that you are looking for.

If you would like to book a presentation, please call (519) 733-2314.