About The Kingsville Fire Department

Fire Prevention Services

The Kingsville Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division is responsible for maintaining life safety in the buildings within the Town of Kingsville. When a building is built, it is built to the Ontario Building Code standards. A permit is issued through the Town of Kingsville’s Building Department and they ensure that the building is built to code. Once the building is issued an occupancy permit, the Ontario Fire Code is enforced by the Kingsville Fire Department to maintain the fire and life safety systems and procedures in the building. The Kingsville Fire Department ensures that buildings in the Town of Kingsville are safe by conducting thorough inspections.

Our inspection practices include:

  • Complaint inspections
  • Request inspections
  • Routine inspections per fire prevention policy
  • Dealing with code compliance issues
  • Enforcing municipal by-laws
  • Conducting inspections, preparing reports and issuing written responses to requests

The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for conducting fire investigations to determine fire cause and origin. All incidents must be reported to the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM). Should a fire require further investigation by the OFM or Ontario Provincial Police, the fire prevention division will assist them.

The OFM investigations branch must be notified for suspected arsons, fires where there is loss of life, fires where gaseous explosions occur and large loss fires.